Illinois family law attorney David Wolkowitz of the Chicago Family Law Attorney Group is personally committed to the following philosophy of client relations.

Reduce clients’ anxiety

An Illinois family law matter such as a Chicago divorce or child custody dispute can be very stressful. Anxiety can have disastrous consequences for people’s mental and physical health. The Chicago Family Law Attorney Group seeks to reduce anxiety by helping clients understand how events might unfold, by partnering with clients in order to best serve them, and by helping clients understand what is – and is not – under their control.

Inform clients

The legal process is almost always confusing. But add to it a challenging life event like a divorce or child custody dispute, and the complexity can grow by leaps and bounds.

At the Chicago Family Law Attorney Group, we realize that a lack of information can cause anxiety; no one appreciates being in the dark. Therefore, our goal is to help our clients make educated decisions. Not only does this approach reduce clients’ anxiety, but it also leads better, more informed decisions. And when clients are left in the dark, both client and attorney can more efficiently focus on their efforts where the will make the greatest impact.

Empower clients

Family law cases such as divorce and child custody disputes can be a confusing experience. But when clients are empowered to help themselves, the experience is made more tolerable.  At times, clients can take positive actions that help their case. Or, simply refraining from certain behavior can be beneficial. The Chicago Family Law Attorney Group also believes in advising clients how to best work with their attorney so the the delivery of legal services is as efficient and as affordable as possible.

Leverage technology effectively

The Chicago Family Law group utilizes technology wherever possible in order to reduce clients costs and deliver better service. For instance, instead of using postal mail to transmit documents, we might scan and email documents. This saves time, and helps clients keep a better record of their case. Your Chicago divorce attorney will be widely accessible via phone, email, and fax.