Client Testimonials

The Wolkowitz Law Office greatly respects its clients’ privacy and confidentially. However, the below clients have agreed to share their testimonials about their relationship with Chicago divorce lawyer Dave Wolkowitz.

Manny P.
Medical doctor

“Attorney Wolkowitz was eager to assist me in thinking strategically about several issues I was facing. I’ve spoken with plenty of attorneys, and for the most part, they seemed fine with keeping the client in the dark. That’s not the case with Attorney Wolkowitz. Instead of telling me what I wanted to hear so I would hire him, he served up a dose of reality then helped me approach the issue head-on.”

George K.
Chicago police officer 

 “I had an attorney that could not longer represent me, and the case was dragging on. My wife though she should get the house, and her attorney started requesting loads of financial documents. When Dave stepped in, he told me the evidence gathering process should be kept to a minimum, because they had no case. After my wife’s attorney wasted time and money looking into bank records, the case settled, and I got the house. Attorney Wolkowitz told me what he thought the outcome would be, and he was right. “