Uncontested Divorce: “Can we use the same lawyer?”

One of the most common questions I get as an uncontested divorce lawyer in Chicago is “Can we use the same lawyer in an uncontested divorce?” Technically, you could. But, there are some very good reason why you should not, and I list some of those below. Feel free to contact me, uncontested divorce lawyer in Chicago Dave Wolkowitz – I may be able to help.

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Achieve peace through an uncontested divorce in Chicago

  • Lawyers refuse: Most lawyers will refuse to represent both parties in a divorce.
  • Advice is restricted: If you use the same lawyer as the other party, you will not receive advice that is confidential. You won’t be fully informed. And even though it is an uncontested divorce, being properly advised is still a good idea.
  • Uncontested can turn contested: Sometimes people start a divorce as an uncontested matter, then it turns contested. If both parties are using the same lawyer – and that happens – then both people have to get a new lawyer. That’s not an ideal situation, and can cause added expense.
If you are interested in an affordable divorce, then an uncontested divorce lawyer in Chicago can assist you by drafting a settlement agreement. Then, your spouse could hire a lawyer simply to review that agreement and to show up at the prove-up (when the divorce actually happens, in court). By having one lawyer do most the work, then a different lawyer simply review the material for the other party, you can save money.
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If you are thinking about an uncontested divorce, I’m happy for you. You will likely be much better off than those people who waste their hard-earned cash on lawyers they don’t need. I understand divorce is difficult, and that’s why I often meet clients in their choice of locations. So whether you are in Evanston, Schaumburg, Burr Ridge – or wherever, feel free to contact me about an uncontested divorce. What’;s more, much of the work can be done over the phone – and for an uncontested divorce, you only need to show up once in court.


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