Skokie Uncontested Divorce Lawyer – For a Flat Fee!

If you live in Skokie, Illinois and want an uncontested divorce for a flat fee, then you’re in luck. We’ve represented dozens of Skokie residents who got a fast and affordable uncontested divorce in Illinois.

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I’m Dave Wolkowitz, an uncontested divorce lawyer in Skokie. I don’t like to mess around, so I offer a flat fee for an uncontested divorce.

Flat Fee for cases by agreement – with a Skokie divorce lawyer

When both spouses are in agreement on all issues, AND will also cooperate to sign all the necessary documents, we call that an “uncontested divorce in Illinois.”

We offer a flat fee, so starting and finishing a divorce can be fast, and affordable, in Skokie. After a short call, we can quote you a flat fee. See this article about our flat fee uncontested divorce.

We have an office in Skokie (check it out at the map below).

But you don’t really have to waste time meeting us in person – we can handle everything via the phone and Internet (Zoom, email, calls, etc).

An uncontested divorce in Skokie – in our opinion – is about getting to the point, and not wasting time. You can check out other lawyers who publish a bunch of drivel about their “philosophy” and and how they treat each case in a “unique” manner, but that’s just marketing filler.

If you are about getting things done, hire us for your uncontested divorce in Skokie.

Contact us, and we get to work. Then you can get divorced quickly, with a flat fee, by agreement.

Go to court in Skokie, or the Daley Center (and maybe on Zoom)

If you live in Skokie, then you can choose to go to court in either the Skokie courthouse (off of Old Orchard), or downtown at the Daley Center. Also, many judges will handle an uncontested divorce in Zoom – so you might not have to physically go to court at all.

Below is a map to the Skokie courthouse, known as District 2 of the Circuit Court of Cook County:

Blow is a map to the Chicago courthouse, known as District 1 of the Circuit Court of Cook County (the building is commonly known as the Daley Center):

You might think that if you live in Skokie, it is obvious that you should start your uncontested divorce in Skokie. But that is not necessarily the case. Your Skokie uncontested divorce lawyer can give input, but here are a few factors to consider:

Online or not: Some judges might handle court online, on Zoom, and some won’t.

Where you work: If you live in Skokie but work downtown near the Loop, it might actually be more convenient to go to court at the Daley Center

Ease of getting a court date: Generally speaking, there is one court date required for an uncontested divorce. But did you know there is online one divorce judge at the Skokie courthouse? That can make it hard to get a court date in Skokie, and can delay the finalization of your case.

Watch out for scam Skokie divorce services – use a Skokie divorce lawyer

There are a bunch of scammers out there. If you don’t use us for your Skokie divorce, you should at least use another lawyer. What you need to watch out for is all those “online divorce” websites. If you want to know more about that check out this article about Top 5 Gotchas in Online Divorce.