Same-sex divorce: Illinois in the Stone Age

As a Chicago divorce lawyer, I come across people who are anxious to move on. For people in Illinois with a family law problem, I can usually help. But the other day, someone called me interested in a same-sex divorce.

The person was married in Canada, then moved to Illinois and has been living here for more than 90 days. Her partner currently lives in Michigan. Although Illinois allows for civil unions, it does not allow same-sex marriage – and therefore, strangely, does not allow same-sex divorce.

We all know there is as contingent of rabidly insecure people who think the marriage of a same-sex couple is a threat to the “sanctity” of heterosexual marriage. It is those pitiful individuals who oppose legalizing same-sex marriage in Illinois.

Not surprisingly, those insecure people are also hypocritical. If they are opposed to same-sex marriage, then one way to decrease the number of such marriages would be to allow same-sex divorce.

One day Illinois will move on from the Dark Ages and recognize same-sex marriage and divorce. Until then, there are various other ways an Illinois family law attorney can help protect the rights of same sex couples.


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