Need a divorce attorney like you?

As an Illinois divorce lawyer working in Chicago and the counties of Cook, DuPage, Lake, and Will, I see all types of people. My clients are from diverse backgrounds. Many people think they need a lawyer who is just like them. I don’t think that’s true.

Need a divorce lawyer who is just like you?

I think it’s basic psychology that people feel comfortable with people who are like themselves.

Some people think they need a divorce lawyer with whom they can identify.  While it’s true that getting along with your lawyer is important, keep this in mind: you’re not hiring a lawyer to make a friend – you’re trying to get a job done.  So if you are looking for an Illinois divorce lawyer, there are some good reasons to worry about characteristics other than an attorney’s ethnic or racial background.

Some clients feel they need a lawyer who shares their background. Or at least, one who understands it. Sometimes, that’s a useful thought. But if I had to only represent clients who were just like me, I wouldn’t have too much business.

I have clients who are professional, blue-collar, men, women, black, white, Latino and Asian. I’m not sure a client’s background has to mach an attorney’s. Then again, family law can involve some very personal matters. If you aren’t comfortable with your attorney, your representation could suffer. I have no problem referring cases to other attorneys if I think that’s actually what a prospective client is looking for. For example, I often refer cases to one of the best divorce lawyers in Illinois, an African-American woman.

Finding the best divorce lawyer

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