Divorce Frankenstorm: When forces collide

Hurricane Sandy is producing what some call a Frankenstorm – the collision of a hurricane and a one or two Nor-easters.  Apparently the Frankenstorm is a near cataclysmic combination of various storms. As a Chicago divorce lawyer,  I think there can be a sort of Divorce Frankenstorm. If you need help now, you can contact me, Chicago divorce lawyer Dave Wolkowitz. Or, see what constitutes a Divorce Frankenstorm below.

What is a Divorce Frankenstorm?

No one (normal) gets married in Illinois thinking he or she will get divorced. But it happens. Some people are able to have an amicable divorce – those people might consider an uncontested divorce in Illinois. However, one small contentious issue can lead to problems. If your divorce has at least three of the below, you may have a major battle on your hands:

  1. Spouse is mentally unstable: Mentally unstable spouses may blame others for their problems, and make false accusations.
  2. Spouse is a leach: If your spouse is a leach – happy to enjoy the so-called “marital estate” without putting forth significant effort to earn income, you are likely dealing with someone who wants something for nothing.
  3. Too much money: Somehow it seems to be rich people who create the most pain fighting over money – when they need that money the least. Sometimes, people just choose to go their own way and leave with what’s fair. Others seek to maximize their gains. When that happens, people get offended and did in their heels.
  4. Parental alienation: Some parents really can’t help themselves from alienating children from the other parent. It’s sick, but it happens.


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