Nice divorce attorneys? Yes!

I’m often surprised by the reaction I get from people after meeting with me to talk about their divorce. Not too long ago, after chatting with me someone actually said “You’re a nice guy for a lawyer.” The sense of shock in his voice was palpable.

From what I can tell, people often wonder if they should get a “nice” or “mean” lawyer. Some people think working with someone who us uber-aggressive will be advantageous in court. That’s not necessarily true. In fact, the opposite is often true – those whose strategy is simply to intimate and bully others are often only serving themselves. Are there times when a person should want a lawyer to get tough? Sure. But there is a time and place for everything.

Why get a “nice” divorce attorney?

  • Super-aggressive behavior that is clearly meant to intimidate others stands a good chance of raising the ire of judges. That’s not good.
  • Even if you are fighting with your ex, your lawyer and your ex’s lawyer don’t need to take things personally between the two of them. Nice lawyers work with other lawyers well, and that can benefit clients.
  • Nice lawyers will probably end up treating their own clients with more respect. This is important, because if the attorney-client breaks down due to lack of respect, it can be difficult to continue with your case.
  • Being combative when it is not necessary can cause your case to become much more expensive than necessary. You don’t want that!

How to get a nice Illinois family law attorney:

When trying to find a lawyer, you will probably talk to several. Take some time to consider the way the lawyer is dealing with you at that point. Ask the lawyer what his or her approach is. Find out how he or she deals with other attorneys.

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Also, you can always contact me, Chicago divorce attorney David Wolkowitz; I might be able to help.



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