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Child taken to Illinois? It’s a UCCJEA emergency!

If your child has been taken from some other state to Illinois – without your permission – then you are likely experiencing a child custody emergency. That being the case, you will need a lawyer with expertise in the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (the “UCCJEA”). The UCCJEA is a “uniform law” that has been adopted by nearly every state.

The problem is that most lawyers have little to no useful familiarity with the UCCJEA – let alone familiarity with using it within the context of an emergency. But I do. Furthermore, I was the winning appellant in my own UCCJEA case that was heard before the Michigan Supreme Court. [click to continue…]

FAQ: Depositions for divorce and child custody

If you are involved in a divorce in Illinois, you might wonder, “What is a deposition?” Long story short, it’s an interview of a party or witness that can be used in court. But as a divorce lawyer in Illinois, I know that people actually have many more questions about depositions. That’s why I wrote this FAQ about depositions in a divorce in Illinois. [click to continue…]

Who is the best QDRO lawyer in Illinois?

As a divorce lawyer in Illinois, I often have to deal with dividing retirement accounts as part of a divorce. Here’s the deal with dividing 401ks, pensions, and the like – it’s complicated.  Splitting 401ks and pension plans requires a special court order, called a “qualified domestic relations order.” or QDRO. Most QDROS are prepared by specialists because of the technical knowledge required. If you need a QDRO, then you might want to hire the best QDRO lawyer in Illinois. If so, read on. [click to continue…]

Can I keep my home after divorce in Illinois?

As a divorce lawyer in Chicago Skokie and Evanston, people often ask me if they can keep their house after a divorce. The answer? It depends. If you want an answer to the question what happens to the house after divorce, read this article about dividing this important piece of property. It is often one of the most critical areas of a settlement or trial of a divorce in Illinois. [click to continue…]

Need a QDRO Lawyer in Illinois?

If you need a QDRO lawyer, that means you need someone to draft a qualified domestic relations order – it’s what’s used to divide 401ks and pensions pursuant to a divorce in Illinois. You might be glad your divorce is over, but now you have to deal with the pain of figuring out what to do about your QDRO. It can be hard to get a QDRO drafted afer a divorce is complete, because many divorce lawyers do not draft QDROs themselves, so if a judgment for dissolution (the “order” that says you’re divorced).

I wrote this article about how to get your QDRO. [click to continue…]

Need a lawyer for an Uncontested Divorce?

An uncontested divorce in Illinois can be quit simple – so long as you use a lawyer. As an uncontested divorce lawyer in Cook, Lake and DuPage counties, I find that whether it’s Chicago, Skokie, Deerfield or Wheaton, people often have the misconception that an uncontested divorce means a lawyer isn’t necessary. While it’s true that an uncontested divorce in Illinois can be affordable and fast, it’s important not to forget that divorce is as legal process best handle by a lawyer. I wrote this article to explain why people who want an uncontested divorce in Illinois should use a lawyer. [click to continue…]

Uncontested Divorce: Top 5 Myths

If you are thinking about an uncontested divorce in Illinois, you may have talked to family and friends who have been divorced. Getting support from your family and friends is important. But the problem is they can spread the Top 5 Myths about getting an uncontested divorce.

This article is about dispelling the Top 5 Myths about divorce in Illinois. [click to continue…]